• Simple, Quick and Easy Skin Care Tips

    Take Care of Your Skin

    1. Always remove your make-up before bed, no mater how tired you are. And don’t forget your eye make-up. Try gently removing it with a bit of almond oil – it is very gentle and great if you have sensitive skin like me
    2. Clean your face with a gentle cleaner (I’m a huge fan of good old Spectro gel, if you’re looking for something quick and simple). I then use a bit of almond oil on a cotton pad to remove any excess make-up that I may have missed (plus, it is a great moisturizer;  I gentle massage it into my skin)
    3. Don’t forget to moisturize, really important during these colder months.
    4. Gently exfoliate at least twice a week.
    5. Don’t forget to exercise, drink lots of water, eat plenty of fruits and veggies and also important, get enough sleep. I see a difference in my skin when I don’t.

      Make this a daily habit.Women’s Health Magazine agrees.  Read more here: http://www.womenshealthmag.co.uk/beauty-style/skin/108/30-easy-tips-for-glowing-skin/

    Here are some products that they recommend and that you may like. They’re all fabulous with great reviews. I personally love those serums!

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