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As most people prefer to do activities outdoors during the summer, we will be putting our yoga classes on hold over the summer, starting July 9th.

We are still offering yoga parties for kids, should you be interested in having us plan a fun, yet calming party for your little one. Call La Tropiqua for more information. 613-695-2256

Our trained yoga instructors will help you de-clutter your mind and improve your body in a safe, warm and friendly environment. We offer a range of yoga classes to suit your level and need. From an introductory Yoga 101, a Yoga/aerobic fusion, our Hatha and Power Yoga classes that will give you a bit more challenge, to something more soothing and meditative like our Restorative Yoga. Our goal is to make your yoga experience relaxing, yet fun!

La Tropiqua’s Studio strives to provide an inclusive, supportive and non-competitive atmosphere for yogis at all levels and experience. We value the diversity of our members, our knowledgeable and talented instructors with backgrounds in  Hatha Yoga, Yin, Vinyasa, etc. bring the wealth of individuality every person brings to our doors.

La Tropiqua’s members and instructors bring their own unique technique, style and personality to our Studio, to provide a nice mix of classes for you to choose from. While most of us have our own reasons for doing yoga, I think we can all agree that it is a great mind and body remedy that makes us feel good, keeps us in shape and gives us an energy boost, when done regularly.

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is a great de-stressor! Scientific studies show that yoga reduces the stress hormone cortisol after just one session for both beginner and more experienced yogis. Yoga helps every system in the body become healthier and more stress-resistant. Many regular yoga practitioners find their experiences help them to develop a heightened state of awareness of mind and body, which helps to improve clarity and sharpness of the mind and energize the body.

yoga-stuido-ottawaYogis that practice at La Tropiqua’s Yoga Studio find that even our intimate, calming space gives them a sense of tranquility. After one or more of our classes led by our talented instructors, they feel more relaxed and focused that translates into home, work and play. Science shows that yoga actually relaxes the brain by increasing certain brain waves called alpha and theta waves. The brain releases more “feel-good” chemicals such as endorphins, serotonin and enkephalins during and after yoga. In short, people who do yoga feel better!

Yoga keeps us healthy both outside and inside. Yoga serves as an excellent cross-training exercise for sports and as a gentle rehab for injuries. Yoga work helps the body balance the metabolism, strengthen and tone muscles and bring improvements to balance and posture. As the body comes back into balance, people naturally look and feel healthier.

Come in and join us!

We foster a non-judgmental environment and our talented and friendly yoga instructors will work with you to ensure that your yoga experience is a safe, positive, fun and relaxing one. Check out our promotions page for some what we’ve got on yoga deals!

Do you want to try it out as a group? We also offer group yoga sessions. Tell us what you need and we can design a class specifically for you and a group of friends and/or colleagues. This could be an excellent part to any retreat! Give us a call, e-mail us, or simply come in and see us, we can customize something just for you.

We believe that anyone can do yoga, children and adults alike, you only need to find something that works for your needs. At La Tropiqua , we foster a non-judgmental environment where you can work and advance at your own pace.

Drop in and try one of our classes! Your first drop-in is only $8.

This does not include the regular drop-in and daily rates.  Regular drop-in rate is $15.