It’s always  great time for parties! We  offer Kids Yoga Parties, should you want us to host one for your little one. We can even come to their school or community centre. 

You can reach us at 613-695-2256 and/or, for more information

Yoga is great for children. We combine storytelling and yoga to create the perfect nurturing and fun environment for kids. Children will have an opportunity to learn how to focus, use their imagination, re-channel any pent up energy, while they socialize with other children. The skills they will learn is great for body and mind.

Our yoga instructor is passionate about what she does and believes in health and wellness. She always looks forward to sharing her love for yoga with children.

During the Kids Yoga Class, the yoga instructor will calmly guides the little yogis through different yoga movements encouraging the kids to relax and express themselves through storytelling.

Children will become more self-aware and be more comfortable about their bodies, which in turn builds confidence IMG_20151115_212435over the long-term. Kids Yoga balances both still, quiet poses with active and interactive ones, incorporating simple breathing techniques, drawing, game playing, storytelling and of course, rest. Children use the yoga poses they learn to display different animal qualities, tell a story about their favorite television or book character, whatever they can imagine and simply use their imagination while learning all about yoga. Children will become familiar with the different postures and movements of yoga as they develop and enhance their yoga vocabulary and skills.

La Tropiqua offers a variety of options including group, private classes, semi-private classes and even birthday parties that incorporates yoga. You don’t have to come to us every time, we can come to you at your pre-schools, community centres, schools, libraries, studios, etc. Let us know in advance and we can create something just for you and your group of children. IMG_20151115_212955

Yoga For Kids Benefits

Helps to:

  • Develop strength, agility, coordination, flexibility, stamina, and cardiovascular fitness.
  • Build self-confidence.
  • Show kids proper body alignment and movement to help them avoid injury.
  • Develop a positive attitude regarding exercise and promotes their physical and mental health.
  • Children learn to develop their inner strength and awareness.
  • Promote self-discipline and concentration of breathing (and control of it), a very important part of meditation and yoga. They learn its value it and how to be in a calm and inward focused state of mind through deep, slow breathing. This skill alone will prove to be very beneficial now and into adulthood.
  • Develop and build cooperative skills and social behaviour through partner or group work/exercises.
  • Encourages children to be creative, using their imagination and self-expression in a way that lets them be themselves and to be comfortable with their uniqueness.
  • Enhance proper, positive communication and improves their listening skills.

Ever tried a yoga-spa party? That is also fun for kids!

This group of pre-teens really enjoyed the Zumba-Yoga Party we did with them!


Here is what a parent said about a party we hosted for her 6 year old daughter IMG_20151115_212955

My daughter and her friends (girls and boys) had an amazing time at her 6th birthday party at La Tropiqua. Marlene and her staff were incredible and went above and beyond our expectations to make it a special day. The activities were well thought-out, organized and very enjoyable for the kids. It was very clear to us that the yoga teacher, not only has a lot of experience teaching large groups of kids, but really enjoys interacting with them as well.

The people at the studio were incredibly accommodating and were able to organize an awesome birthday celebration on very short notice. The feedback I received from the other parents about their children’s experience extremely positive—all the kids commented on how much fun they had at the party.

I cannot speak highly enough about Marlene and everyone at La Tropiqua and would absolutely recommend this studio to any parent wanting to do something out of the ordinary for their child’s birthday. It is a day my daughter, our family and her friends will remember for a very long time!


Call us, we can tailor something just for your little one and her or his friends.  They will also enjoy it!

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