Many of us are liklely unwinding from the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. After indulging from the great holiday treats, healthy living is probably top of your mind and some of us may have made it a New Year’s resolution.

I must admit, I’ve not ever been a fan of New Year’s resolution. The reason? Because by the time March rolls around, most of us have long forgotten what the resolution was and have gone back to our natural habits. Most of us know that trite statement about bad habits – they are indeed hard to break. As a matter of fact, neuroscientists claim that it’s much easier to form a new habit than to stop an old one, especially without a new behaviour to replace it. It can take up to two months and more to change a habit or adopt a new one. If you’re truly motivated and stick with it, the new behaviour will become common nature. This also applies to adopting healthy living behaviours.

Instead of setting New Year’s resolution, take a moment, and set your new year’s goals. Goals are more likely to turn into regular habit. You’re probably wondering why. Because they tend to be more specific, action oriented, meaningful, and measurable. This makes them easier to achieve.  I always encourage people to start small and build on those goals.

For example, if your goal is to live a healthier lifestyle, start by making small changes this holiday season. A few goals:

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